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1986 I moved to Rome, sold what I had, left the job, off I went. Now some 50 trips to Italy since, I have enjoyed guiding many small groups, students, families, friends. With a background in art history and cultural studies, this artist's intention is to allow my tiny groups an insider's view. Belong and feel at home in Rome. 

My tours are not limited to Rome, the entire "boot" is my game. But, wherever we are let's focus on an authentic experience, on handcrafted foods and materials. Shall we make cheese or test olive oils and wines? Then take a special underground adventure, for an archeological experience. 

Gather your friends and come with me. Or let me help you organize your own trip. I am happy to consult and design a trip for you, Italy most certainly. Other parts of the world, oh yes. If you enjoy authentic culture and have an interest in the foundations of civilization let's chat. Any place where there are old stories, that's where I have been. So let me know how I can assist you. 

Small group tours of Italy generally organize in early Spring and later Fall. Email me if you are interested and I will give you more details and availability.  I am currently booked for  Fall 2020 and 2021.