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SAVE the DATE~ Echo Valley Annual Art Auction

September 13  2020

Radar Park 

1899 Apostle Way

Lancaster, PA 17603

12:00 - 3:00 ish... Music and lunch begin at Noon & Auction promptly at 1:00

This is wonderful day of art, music, food and community. Come for lunch then enjoy the auction.

The way it select the artwork you are interested in and bring it to the auction table. Then we sell the work in the order it arrives to the auction tables.

Support your local creatives, your auctioneer (me) and local art programs for underserved public schools.

All proceeds, from lunch, benefit local student art education programs. We have given students day trips to major museums. For most of the students this was their first time in an art museum. We also support the Young Artist's County Art Show as well as the Scholastic Art Awards.

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Upcoming Events

February at The Demuth Museum


Sold ~ thank you!

The Demuth Annual Invitational will host a collection of artist's work. The artists have been tasked to handle the theme 

"Contemporary Cityscapes: Today's Lancaster Landscape. 

Come see the work FEB 1-29.

My small hand-colored etching Golden Hour on Water Street will be part of the exhibit. 

  "The late sun edges contours, golden.

Axis lines swoop, spin and sore off rooftops and architectural planes.

Light turned the old Phelans on Water, into kaleidoscope of color and movement.

Transformed now, even further, with the lively and creative development of this location.

This is Lancaster, simultaneously old and new, still and moving, rooted and growing."

Love to see you there. More information at 

February at the Hamilton Club


I will be the featured artist in the lobby this month. Pop in to see.

Cerulean and White: Old Town, Italy will be in the front lobby. You can have a peek.

The piece will be auctioned off in March. If you are interested let me know. 

This is another fav. of mine. XO 

March Auction @ the Hamilton Club


Three pieces will be up for auction.

Amethyst Artichokes

 Cerulean and White: Old Town Italy


Salton Sea Glow will be there for you, see below!

Contact Hamilton Club is you are interested.

 (717) 397-6296 

March 6 at the Ware Center

Archetypes~ acrylic, oil and pencil on paper, 30x40.

The Other Mother ~  Performances and a Gallery Exhibit will showcase women artists from all genres, who will offer their personal interpretations of the dynamic, nurturing “Mother” energy, destigmatizing the concept of motherhood by conveying the reality that, along with raising families, women raise everything—from communities to consciousness.    

Salton Sea Glow, CA.

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