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Susan GottliebSusan Gottlieb

Cultural origins fascinate me and making art concretizes experience.

I have spent decades searching for these “first times” which has lead me across the world and into myself. This path of discovery becomes the grid, the director, of my own creative process.  Making art, traveling, and living are the same thing: revealing, connecting, and creating. And specifically, in terms of my own work, always reinventing.

My paintings are constantly changing in reaction to evolving life. Casting my eye back through Art History I am more akin to the Symbolists and more broadly an Expressionist. My art reflects ideas, experiences, sometimes universal notions. Like history, my multi media paintings develop in layers, stacked, constructed, and at times torn back to reveal earlier occurrences. Bits and pieces from previous times and travels are collaged in, adding texture and breath. Landscapes, figures, still life, and concepts gathered from travels near and far and are translated into evocative,  symbolic, compositions.

Whether adventuring in the studio or the world it is the same process. Leaps of faith lead me down paths often frightening, always challenging. My paintings show up at the intersection of archetype and ethnic, past and present, through the creative encounter.

I exhibit actively in Central and South Eastern Pennsylvania. Red Raven Art Company represents me in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

I paint the remembered sensation.


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