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The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbook ROME:
The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbook

The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbookis a love letter to the great city of Rome and a gift for anyone who is enamored by Rome and Italy. It is a celebration on living a passionate life, finding wonder in the great and the small and holding oneself open to possibility.

"This book provides a glimpse into my travels with photos, sketches, artwork, recipes, stories and more. Each turn of the page offers another experiential taste of Rome...I have been to Rome more times than I can count. I have only scratched the surface.

is the first art book of the Sketchbook Series. It is a limited edition of 200 hand-marked*art books.These hand-marked limited edition books will be available for purchase until sold out. $159 includes shipping and tax in the USA. For International sales, please contact artist directly.

* Hand-marking refers to the effort of an artist to add hand work to a mechanical print. This can be done any number of ways such as adding pencil, paint or stamping. In The Skin of the Milk each book has at least 6 pages with hand-marking and all are signed.

Below are some pages from ROME: The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbook. Click on each to see larger.

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